Fix Quicken Error Ol-393-a For Windows/Mac

As Quicken is serving for the last three decades but remains #1 personal accounting software, users may interface with software glitches like struggling to update their online accounts, incapable of print, etc. So, in a way that is the same, we’ll discuss Quicken Error OL-393-A Bank of America.

When updating online accounts, you can also face the following errors:

Quicken Error 501, Quicken Error 502, Quicken Error 503 , Quicken Error CC-890 or CC-891

Why Quicken Error OL-393-A Occurs?

  • Quicken having incorrect username and passwords 
  • Verify Quicken online services
  • Verify Quicken data files etc.

5 basic steps to eliminate Quicken Error Code OL-393

A. Verify Quicken if it is running with the latest release

  • Open Quicken
  • Head to Help > Check for updates

If the update is a click that is available to install it or if perhaps already updated move further with the steps

B. Refresh online account information

  • Open the account through the left-hand side account tab which causes this error
  • Go to the top-right gear icon and then click on Update now (Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • Type your account password and then click Update Now
  • If it’s been updated successfully do the same along with other accounts that have this issue.

C. Verify Account check and information for hidden accounts

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click on Edit for the account that has this error
  • On General Tab make sure your bank information like account number, routing number, etc.

Check for Hidden Account

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Check show account that is hidden at the bottom of the account list if any account is hidden and then click Edit > Display Options and uncheck Hide this account in Options
  • Verify the details through the account if all things are correct it is possible to hide this account again.

Notice: Now Quicken is providing 5GB of Free Online Storage with Dropbox

D. Deactivate Account and Quicken that is validated File

  • Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click on Edit for the account that features Quicken Error OL-393-A
  • Select Online Services click, and tab Deactivate
  • Click Yes to verify
  • Then click OK and Done

For Validating Quicken File

  • Go to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair…
  • Check on Validate File and then click OK
  • The validation process will begin (it could take some right time dependent on your file size)
  • You’ll get a written report for data files via DATA_LOG

Information: If you found any error under DATA_LOG immediately contact Quicken Support

E. Reactivate your bank account

  • Head to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
  • Click Edit for the account that has the problem
  • Select the Online Services tab and click now set up…
  • Now type your bank Username and Password
  • Check on Save this password (it would likely ask you for the Vault password or ID that is quicken

Quick Note: After the separation of Quicken from Intuit Inc. it’s necessary to generate Quicken ID for each user.

  • Click Connect

In the process of reactivating your bank account, quicken will pull your bank information up you don’t need to add click on LINK (start to see the picture below)

  • Click Next and Finish

After following most of the above steps Quicken Error OL-393-A is supposed to be removed if it persists to your account contact Quicken Technical Support or leaves your questions/queries below in the comment section we’ll respond asap.

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Fix Quicken Error Ol-393-a For Windows/Mac

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