What is QuickBooks Connection diagnostic tool?

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a troubleshooting tool to fix common QuickBooks errors. So, if QuickBooks is providing you trouble in day-to-day operations, then you definitely should think of using a QB connection diagnostic tool.

You need to use QuickBooks connection tool that is diagnostic you may be unable to use QuickBooks as a result of database errors, firewall issues, and connection problems. Moreover, when you have any errors that are bugging users over the servers, QuickBooks connection tool that is diagnostic be a savior.

Before using QuickBooks tool that is diagnostic please be aware that the tool is only available for Windows and never the macOS version.

How do I fix errors in QuickBooks?

The tool that is diagnostic a comprehensive solution if you’re facing common errors when using QuickBooks. So, then you should use the tool if you are facing any of the following errors or problems:

  • Restriction in accessing (Access Denial) to central QuickBooks database
  • Unexpected QuickBooks errors including ‘-6150’. ‘-6000, -301’, ‘-6000, -82’, ‘-6130’, ‘-6147’, etc.
  • Blank vendor, customer or employee lists
  • Missing entries in employee lists
  • Multi-user errors that are related H101, H202, H303 & H505
  • Corrupt QuickBooks files that want repairs or files that are missing
  • Malware or virus affected QuickBooks files
  • In short, you can resolve all QuickBooks connection to your issues diagnostic tools. So, for those who have any issues, you ought to install the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool, right away.

How to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Step One: Download

Head to Intuit.com to download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool on your desktop. Once you download, save the installation package file in your click and computer on setup.

Step 2: Install

Please make sure you don’t have any previous installations on your computer or laptop before installation. When there is an adult version installed, that will cause issues that are further. Resultantly, your whole effort that is diagnostic go in vain.

Once you are sure there’s no installation that is previous go through the setup file. Follow the instructions regarding the screen and wait for installation to accomplish.

Step3: Open it to Solve Your Issues

  • When the installation finishes, wait for tool to start out automatically. If it does not, then go to the installed directory and then click regarding the .exe file.
  • If the tool opens, select your company file from the a number of company files readily available for diagnosis.
  • Then you need not use the network connectivity option if you are using QuickBooks as a single user.

Utilizing the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

As soon as your installation is complete and you have checked the tool that is diagnostic then you can certainly start using the same for diagnosis. Here is how to use the tool:

  • Open QuickBooks software through the desktop installation or icon directory
  • Then open QuickBooks with any other company file for the moment if your file is not opening
  • Go directly to the utility click and menu on ‘Repair File & Network Problems’
  • Regarding the window that is pop-up appears, click on ‘Yes’ when it asks for private information collection and sharing.
  • Search for the folder where your damaged company file is saved. Click on open.
  • From the window that is pop-up choose ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • Browse the drop-down list and select the problem you may be facing currently
  • On the next screen, enter your QuickBooks login credentials
  • Click on ‘QuickBooks Connection Tool’ when prompted additionally the diagnosis process will begin.
  • Give the tool some right time for you to diagnose the problem and repair exactly the same. The tool usually takes minutes that are several complete the process. So, you ought to ideally leave the system unused only at that moment.
  • Once the process is complete and you see a message that is success restart QuickBooks and open your repaired file.

Some Other Problems You Can Solve with QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

You can even use the tool to solve other network-related and database-related issues. If the above steps don’t solve your problems, then you can certainly use the tool as below:

  • Open Connection Diagnostic Tool from the installation directory
  • If you’re facing firewall related issues, then you should click on ‘Firewall Status’. It’s going to explain to you firewall that is basic and suggest steps to solve firewall issues.
  • Then you should open the ‘Test Connectivity’ tab if there is a connectivity issue. Open your business click and file on the ‘Test Connectivity’ button. Stick to the instructions that are onscreen the connection fails.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool automatically resolves errors linked to .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++. So, you don’t need to worry about solving these manually, that you update Windows, or install QuickBooks in selective startup mode if you still face any issue, it is recommended.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can help you repair a lot of the pressing issues all on your own. But then you should definitely contact a QuickBooks customer service professional expert if you are still facing any issue or are confused about how to use the tool. He/she will make sure that your errors are rectified and you may start using QuickBooks again, without the trouble.

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What is QuickBooks Connection diagnostic tool?

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