Quicken Error CC-555 ( Quicken 2021 Problems)

A number of issues in Quicken applications could be mind-boggling. Quicken Error CC-555 can be another disappointing result to a user when trying to connect a bank account with Quicken or trying to download transactions. The following error indicates a connection failure between the bank and Quicken due to various reasons.

Possible caused of Quicken Error CC-555

  • Third-party access blocked– Many bank institutions will not grant third-party application (Quicken, QuickBooks) access to their server unless requested by the user. In that case, you must contact your bank and ask them to allow Quicken to retrieve the data to download in Quicken.
  • Temporary Block– Due to multiple attempts with wrong credentials to connect your bank with Quicken application may put it on a temporary block, wherein you must wait for 24 hours before trying again.
  • Server Changes– Do not be surprised, if you can access your online banking using same credentials which are being led to Error CC-555 by Quicken. Your bank or Quicken development team may be working on some essential changes that is causing error cc 555. You can contact Quicken support as well as affected bank customer care for more updates.

Try any troubleshooting instructions on existing accounts in Quicken after 24 hours.

Here are some effective solutions to fix Quicken Error CC 555

Solution 1: Enter Correct Bank Credentials

  • Visit particular bank website and login your account to verify credentials. If you are unable to login to bank website; then, reset your account password or contact bank institution for help.
  • Now connect your bank with Quicken using the recent verified credentials.

Solution 2: Contact Affected Bank

  • Call your bank and ask them to allow Quicken to download data from their server if required.
  • Click on “Tools” from application menu and select “ADD Account”
  • Choose type of account (Checking, Savings, Credit Card etc.)
  • Type the name of bank institution and select from drop down menu
  • Enter “Login ID” and “Password” also check box below to save the password to Vault

Solution 3: Disconnect All Accounts Under Same Bank

  • Disconnect all types of accounts from Quicken under same user ID
  • Go to “Tools” and “Accounts List”
  • Under accounts list select the accounts from affected bank one by one to deactivate online downloads
  • In the account details window, choose “Online Service”
  • Click on “Deactivate” tab and Yes
  • Repeat same instructions with all accounts
  • Clock Quicken app and open again
  • Follow same instructions to reactivate downloads

The following instructions are applied to Windows versions, Mac users may have different menu options. Despite following all instructions, if you cannot get over with the Quicken Error CC-555; then, contact Xpertech Accounting Advisors for quick advisory services. Find and get solutions to quicken 2021 problems on our website to speak with an advisor immediately.

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Quicken Error CC-555 ( Quicken 2021 Problems)

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