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Quicken bill pay has been discontinued by the Quicken since August 31, 2020, and this service is announced with a new name-Quicken Bill Manager which is announced with new features and with better services.

Any changes are hard to be accepted by its regular users but transformations and updates are made to provide a better experience and to make it easier and more convenient for its operators.

Quicken Bill Manager is introduced with significant updates for its users. You will find differences while Working with the new Quicken Bill manager as its process is different than Bill Pay.

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Difference between the bill Pay and Bill Manager.

Old Quicken Bill Pay:An online payment service that is used to permit its users to pay the bills directly from within Quicken. Also, it used to keep the records of Payee’s information for its operators, so wheneverany userwanted to make a new transaction, the data like account number and other information of the payee used to seem automatically on the screen.

Quicken has moved to a new Bill Pay platform to improve the experience which is announced by the name of Quicken Bill Manager.

Quicken Bill Manager: It is introduced to serve its users with a new and better experience and to make billing transactions easier and more appropriate. Bill Manager will serve you with an ultimate experience as bill tracking will be there to keep all your records of the bills at your fingertips and also it offers offline and online bill paying option just all in one place and from now onwards you may handle everything just through Quicken, Just See, Tap and Pay your bill. it has become just so convenient. Billing has never been this much convenient before.

Bill Manager comes up with three categories:

Online Bill Centre: Here, you may download your latest bills.

Quick Pay: You may download and track your electronic bills even without dropping quicken and also one can add those offline transactions while keeping everything together. This service offers you to stay organized.

Check Pay: You can send a check to anyone andthesame can be sent through a Quicken service only. There is no need to print or mail checks.

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