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QuickBooks is an accounting software program developed to help accountants manage their day-to-day operations. This entry was posted on July 8, 2010. QuickBooks Desktop is a piece of accounting software that can install on a desktop or computer and used to handle bank accounts, suppliers, and customers on a daily basis. QuickBooks Desktop payroll edition includes employee and human resource management features. Onboarding personnel, attendance tracking, and compensation and benefit calculation are all possible with the software. The software also aids in the management of operations such as employment and compliance. Employee dress code monitoring, commission and vacation policies, and handbook customization are also included. QuickBooks examines tax records for tax management concerns and immediately corrects inaccuracies such as interest rates and penalty costs.

By providing unlimited software upgrades and support, tracking daily operations, and enhancing invoicing and stock management visibility, the desktop edition of QuickBooks saves time in business management. This article can help you find the answers to your questions but If you have other queries or questions regarding payroll help you can connect with QuickBooks Proadvisor.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is available in three different versions for small businesses: Basic, Enhanced, and Full Service.

Basic Payroll Software for QuickBooks Desktop

Payroll assistance, employee payment, and payment tracking are all included in the QuickBooks Critical Payroll Desktop Software. The program is also in charge of delivering direct deposits, calculating payroll taxes, and creating paychecks. It provides an easy-to-use way of managing employee-related tasks and making quick, error-free payments.

The Basic payroll version, on the other hand, does not provide payroll tax forms and filing alternatives.

The Enhanced Version of QuickBooks Payroll

This is a payroll administration program that allows you to create and pay employee/contractor checks on time and easily, as well as calculate federal and state tax payments. It manages electronic tax payment and submission of tax forms, as well as free direct deposit, and fully automates the filing of state and federal tax payroll forms. Calculating employee remuneration, customizing invoices, labor law poster rules, sales tax management, contractor and employee administration, inventory tracking, and bookkeeping functions are among the additional functions. This aids in improving compliance, avoiding fines and penalties, eliminating double entry, and completing tax reports on schedule.

Finance and related tasks such as payroll may all be managed in one location with the Enhanced version. Users can also handle overdue bills and payment plans, file payroll taxes, record expenses, create invoices, track employee vacation time, track invoice status, and file payroll taxes.

Full-Service QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software

Assisted Full-Service Payroll Software is another name for this Full-Service QuickBooks version. As the name implies, this company provides full-time payroll services, including remitting payroll taxes, filing payroll tax forms, paying direct payments, and preparing paychecks. Businesses that outsource payroll activities can use the software’s features to set up payroll, avoid fines, pay taxes electronically, manage employee/contractor payments, and integrate time tracking tools.

Based on the number of hours worked by the employee, the software automatically submits tax forms and distributes paycheck. For small business owners, this is a useful tool.

Differences in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software Versions.

Basic, Enhanced, and Full-Service Software Features

In general, all versions allow for the preparation and printing of Paychex, as well as the generation of payroll reports, employee/contractor payments by direct deposit or cheques, tax withholding calculations, and the generation of payroll reports.

Due to the lack of payroll tax forms, the Basic Payroll edition does not provide further services related to the annual payment and filing of payroll tax payments. The Enhanced version, on the other hand, includes extra features such as electronic payroll tax payment and automatic payroll tax form preparation. The Full-Service option includes high-level services such as payroll tax payment and filing, direct deposit payment submission, paycheck printing and processing, and payroll set-up.

Service to customers

All editions of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll package come with unlimited customer service. To assist users, phone conversations, calls, and email assistance are available.


The QuickBooks Assured Payroll/Full Service option is the most user-friendly, as users simply need to enter the number of working workers, and the program will handle the rest. The Enhanced Edition includes simple tools that guide you through the process of producing tax payrolls, setting up employee data forms, and processing payments. The Basic Payroll version is simple to understand. Its tools assist in the payment of employees, the setup of new employees, and the configuration of payroll settings. The manual production of payroll tax returns, on the other hand, can be complicated and laborious.

The price

The QuickBooks Full Service option is $65 per month, the Enhanced Payroll option is $40 per month, and the basic payroll option is $29 per month. The Basic Payroll version costs $290 per year, while the Enhanced Payroll version costs $450 per year. Each employee costs an extra $2 in all versions and subscription tiers.

In conclusion

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software Versions, which come in three distinct subscription plans: Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, and Full-Service Payroll are targeted at small businesses and include a variety of other features. At the same time, all versions can pay employees via direct deposit or cheque, as well as calculate paychecks and produce payroll reports. Other arrangements, such as the Enhanced Payroll version, have extra features such as payroll tax calculations, payment of up to 1099 employees, and vacation time tracking. The Full-Service Payroll plan provides all payroll functions simply by inputting the employees’ working hours. Businesses should select functionalities and price options that are appropriate for their industry.

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QuickBooks Desktop support Payroll

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