Quicken Error 1310 Or 1303 When Installing Quicken

Quicken is the most popular budgeting software and is considered a helper of the financial life that manages consistent expenditures that generally include credit card bills, investments, and many more. To settle all the financial activities -Quicken is there for everyone, which is being used by individuals around the globe.

Quicken error code 1310 OR 1303 arises when quicken is being installed into the PC or laptop through CD or downloading it online by the individuals. Quicken software works according to the needs of the users and is considered very valuable software for small businesses and even for personal use.

Indications of Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303

  • It seems when your active program smashes
  • When you run the same application, your PC stays cache
  • Recieve an error message is on your PC’s screen such as “Quicken error 1303 or 1310”
  • When the computer becomes slow and responds late to your commands
  • When your computer is freeze for a few seconds.

Reasons for Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303

  • The download of corrupted Quicken software folder
  • Due to the corrupted Windows registry
  • Any Malware or virus attack
  • Due to damaged quicken files.

Fixing Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303 by following the below steps:

Solution1: Relocate Quicken Installation Folder on Computer Main Drive (C)

  • First, you need to open Quicken.com website and login to download your Quicken app and proceed to installation
  • Now, authorize license agreement
  • Tap to Next
  • Now, you need to select the installation location
  • Now, Choose the change installation location
  • Then, change the name to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Quicken1
  • Tap OK

Solution 2: Change Authorization

For Windows 8 and 10

  • Go to File Explorer and right-click on C: \
  • Now, Select property
  • Then, choose the Security tab
  • Tap to admin
  • Now, Select to allow full control (if disabled)
  • Under Group and Username, click System.
  • Allow full control
  • Tap on Advances >> Modify Authorization
  • Make sure to replace all child object permission entries with permission entries that are inherited from the project
  • Tap Apply to save the changes
  • Tap OK

For Windows 7, Follow the below steps to rectify the issue

Move to windows explorer

Then, Right-click on C: \

  • Now, you need to select the Properties and Security tab
  • Tap to admin
  • Now, Check full control
  • Now move to the Owner tab
  • Tap edit
  • Now, Select administrators
  • Now, check “Change owner on sub containers and objects”
  • You need to apply changes and Tap ok
  • Right-Tap C: \ again
  • Tap on properties
  • Now, Select the Security tab under Program Data Properties and Tap Advanced
  • Tap allow >> modify
  • You need to confirm that the system and administrator have full control
  • If they are not in full control, Tap Edit to make them in full control
  • Change all existing implicit permissions on all descendants with the implicit permission of this object
  • Tap Apply >> OK

Solution 3: Authorization from the command prompt

Windows 7

  • At the same time press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard
  • Now, type CMD in the Run window
  • fix Select
  • Enter this code in the command prompt window – icacls “c: \ ProgramData” / T / C / Grant Admin: F
  • Now Tap on entering

For additional help contact Quicken helpline number for quicken error code 1303 or Xpertech Accounting Advisors and let them help you resolve the error 1303 or 1310.

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Quicken Error 1310 Or 1303 When Installing Quicken

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