How to Fix Quicken Error OL-332 or OL-330

An Error OL-332 or OL-330 in Quicken application occurs while adding a new bank account or modifying bank credentials. Quicken is a savvy way to keep track of your income & expenses, loans and tax. Quicken makes this easier for users to pick a variant of applications to fulfill their expectations without paying for anything extra. 

Causes of Quicken Error OL-332 or OL-330

You will run into error OL-332 or OL-330

  • If you are entering wrong login information.
  • Moreover, your bank may temporarily block access to a third-party accounting application like Quicken after few invalid login attempts. 

Solution’s For Quicken Error OL-332 or OL-330

Solution 1

Before trying anything within Quicken application, visit your bank website and verify your login information. If you cannot access your banking information from their official website and getting error like “wrong username or password”; then, contact your bank immediately and ask them to reset your password. Many banks provide easy online password and user id recovery links so that users could recover their information on their own. Try again after getting new bank credentials. It will either fix error-OL-332 or OL-330; else, proceed further to solution 2. 

Solution 2. 

Download and install the latest Quicken release- Check any possible available release updates for Quicken application on Windows or Mac computers. Windows users can click on Help=check for updates=download & install. Mac users can click on Quicken in the menu bar=check for updates=download & install. Now relaunch your application and that should fix the problem or proceed to solution 3. 

Solution 3. 

Deactivate all accounts- You must deactivate all banks accounts from same bank. If you have multiple accounts connected to Quicken from same bank institutions; then you must deactivate any active account from Tools in windows version, for mac users the instructions will be vary. Now try to add or start activation your accounts again. If you are still running into same error, then try solution 4. 

Solution 4. 

Validate and Repair File- Some errors could be complicated and easy tricks may fix them too. You may want to try to validate & repair your current Quicken data file for any errors. You can click on File in menu bar and navigate to “file operation” choose to repair & validate, select accordingly and complete the following operation. It may take upto 15 minutes depends on data size. Now try to add your bank account with the validated information. Still facing same error OL-332 or OL-330………… 

Solution 5. 

Contact Quicken 

Despite trying all the above steps if you cannot rectify the following errors; then contact Quicken customer service number for accounting advisors with additional help. You can also, try Xpertech Accounting Advisors for Quicken help services. 

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How to Fix Quicken Error OL-332 or OL-330

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